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Informations about varicose and spider veins for patients and health professionals
Informações sobre varizes para pacientes e profissionais de saúde
Information à propos des varices et des télangiectasies pour patients et profissionnelles de la santé
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Continued Varicose Veins Treatment

The treatments of varicose veins are efficient, but it is important that the patient understands the chronic characteristic of the problem. For this reason, the patient need constant contact with the doctor and new procedures may be necessary in the future.  

As we have  already seen, the varicose veins are a problem caused by a hereditary tendency, which cannot be changed. Therefore, the ones who have this tendency,  will have it forever.

The treatment of the varicose veins should be initiated as soon as the first symptoms are felt and must take place for all the patient's life.  A series of applications for the vases is planned (we prefer the cryosclerotherapy), followed by a maintenance treatment with an application per month or an annual series.

If after some  time the microvarices appear, a Microsurgery is accomplished with local or Epidural anesthesia. Later, if serious varicose veins, usually after a pregnancy, appear, then a conventional or a LASER Surgery for Varicose veins of Thick Caliber is necessary to solve the problem. With this approach, treating the problems as they appear, the person with tendency to have varicose veins won't have complications. As a result, we have the aesthetic problem solved and the control of a disease that will never present complications. But for efficient and long term results, it is necessary to be aware that the treatment should be made in a continuous and regular way.

The patient should always apply the preventive measures and frequently see a Vascular Surgeon / Angiologist that will evaluate the scenario and suggest the necessary treatment. This process is called "Continuous Treatment of Varicose veins Program".

It is important to remember that varicose veins don't "appear again" after being treated; what really may appear other veins. That's why the treatment should be continuous. People who already show varicose veins of larger caliber, in fact the situation of most of the people,  can seek for treatment at any time, using the same techniques and making the maintenance since then. 

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