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Informations about varicose and spider veins for patients and health professionals
Informações sobre varizes para pacientes e profissionais de saúde
Information à propos des varices et des télangiectasies pour patients et profissionnelles de la santé
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LASER for Spider Veins


Type 1 e Type 2

Place for the procedure


Rest after the procedure

There is not

Time for the procedure

10 to 20 minutes

Return to regular activities


Return to Professionals Activities


Return to Sport  Activities

2 hours


Sun  30 Days before and 15 Days after


High Cost


A treatment that was intensively  studied in the last decade is the LASER. The LASER equipment produces lights with certain characteristics that can be controlled with perfection. These characteristics make the red blood cells in the vases of the skin select and absorb the light. These selective characteristics cause the alteration of the energy inside of the vases to be eliminated, but they don't harm the other tissues around the vases. Therefore, the  objective of eliminating the small vases of the skin is reached.  

The LASER enters the skin without  harming it and reaches the hemoglobin of the vases, which is red. The hemoglobin that  receives the LASER  increases the temperature of the blood and causes the elimination of the vase. 

In the face,  the LASER is more efficient because the vases are very superficial. In other words, a small skin extension exists between the surface and the vases, what reduces risks and  facilitates the treatment.  

The treatment  is accomplished at the clinic, without the need of any anesthesia, allowing the  patient to return to his activities on  the same day. 

There are restrictions for sun exposures before and after the treatment.  

The LASER is the best treatment for the vases of the face and small vases of the lap. For the treatment of the lower extremities, the laser  is not equally efficient for all kinds of vases. Therefore,  we prefer  using the LASER  associated with the cryosclerotherapy. The Laser  can be used  for the smaller and more superficial vases, where it is efficient, and the cryosclerotherapy for the deeper skin vases.   

At Naturale Clinic we opted for the treatments associated, using all the techniques. It is available besides the technologies of Light, LASER and Intensed Pulsed Light, Cryosclerotherapy , Sclerotherapy and Hyfrecator - High Frequency. The Consultation with the Vascular Surgeon will determine which is the best technique to be performed

A new type of LASER, the EVLT, has been used in the surgeries with great efficiency.  It will be mentioned later in  this article  


With the passing time, the skin gets an aging appearance, influenced by several factors. The age signs and the solar damages are more visible on the people's face. There are several kinds of treatments to improve these conditions, from simple creams and other products, to peelings and even surgeries.  The observed tendency is the use of combined treatments. The clinics tend to present several treatments. This way, the doctor will be able to suggest the  best treatments for each situation. Among these treatments is the LASER and the INTENSE PULSED LIGHT technology.  

        A new treatment has been offered to treat several situations of the facial aging: Photorejuvenation.  

Photorejuvenation with the Intensed Pulsed Light

        Photorejuvenation with the INTENSE PULSED LIGHT is a new technology  called "not ablative", that allows to correct several lesions of the facial and body  skin as fine wrinkles, facial aging, aging of the hands, of the back and neck, facial vases, rosacea, senile stains, solar damages, changes in the texture of the skin, under eye circles, poiquiloderma, stains and pigmentations.  

        The IPL technology (INTENSE PULSED LIGHT)  is a result of the studies of the application of LASERs in Medicine and Surgery. 

        We use the American Lumenis  integrated equipment Quantum, which is versatile  and uses high technology, emitting both LASERs and IPL. Both emissions are used in the photorejuvenation process.  

        It is a technological progress called not ablative treatment, because it doesn't remove skin layers, but treats the lesions on the surface and in the deep layers of the skin,  improving the facial,  the neck, the chest and the hands skin.  

        It can be used in a variety of anesthetics benign conditions of the skin.  The effect is obtained by light emission with certain physical characteristics, that  act on the red and on the dark colors. The red of the vases and the dark color of the superficial pigmentations are reached, while the normal skin is protected by having smaller reaction to the light and by a cooler  system. The same  physical characteristics make the light reach the depth of the dermis, positively altering the collagen.  

The Action of the INTENSE LIGHT PULSED in the Rejuvenation

The INTENSE PULSED LIGHT acts in two levels of the skin, deep and superficial. The superficial application promotes a significant reduction of stains as melanose, freckles, hyper pigmentations, senile stains, most due to exposition to the sun. The small vases of the nose and of the face are also treated with this technology, as well as the red stains produced by the action of the Rosacea. Besides the face, the hands, arms, trunk, chest and neck can be treated.  The deep application stimulates the production of collagen, because it transmits energy to the deep tissues. The irregularities of the tissues, fine wrinkles and other marks are softened.

The Treatment

        For this treatment, the patient has to avoid exposure to the sun for 30 days before the procedure and, during this period, it is essential to use sunscreen.  

        The patient's eyes, the eyes of doctors and of the assistants are protected from the light. A cold gel is applied on the area to be treated. The crystal applicator is put close to  the skin. The cooler and the crystal start working. Light Pulses of  high energy with physical characteristics that are under completely controlled are emitted. As a result of each pulse, the patient  can feel a little but acceptable sensation, as if an elastic band hit the skin. For the most sensitive patients, an anesthetic cream can be applied to the skin, but it is rarely necessary. After the application, a light redness can appear. A cream  is applied  to the skin after the procedure. Sunscreens are applied and the patient can immediately return to his normal activities.  The session takes 20 minutes.  The patient has to avoid the sun for 2 to 3 weeks after the application.  

        An average of 6 sessions are necessary, in intervals of 4 weeks between the sessions. The results progressively appear after each application.  

 The problems that can have solution  with the INTENSE PULSED LIGHT

Male  and Female Facial Aging    

        It is possible to obtain an enhancement of the facial aging appearance, reducing stains and improving the surface of the skin. The INTENSE PULSED LIGHT acts on the dark and red pigments of the skin. It eliminates vases and stains and it enhances the dermal collagen. The treatment can be associated with other procedures of medical aesthetics with good results.    

  Male  and Female  Facial Photoaging  caused by the exposure to the sun.    

        Photoaging, action of the sun on the natural aging of the skin, cause stains and degeneration of the dermis, with consequent emergence of wrinkles, flabbiness and furrows. Photorejuvenation has a positive action on these problems  

  Roughness of the skin 

        The roughness of the skin is a consequence of superficial alterations, that are well assisted by Photorejuvenation with INTENSE PULSED LIGHT  

Fine Wrinkles 

         The fine wrinkles should be treated with techniques of aesthetic medicine, like Botox, fillings substances, peelings,  bioplastic, but they can benefit with the treatment of the INTENSE PULSED LIGHT    

Alterations of the pigmentation 

        As the INTENSE PULSED LIGHT acts on the pigments and the dark color, the stains caused by the Photoaging are the best indications of the treatment.  


        The LASER of Nd: Yag has the best results on the vases of the face caused by rosacea or  aging. However, the very small vases that give a red coloration to the face, and that are hardly identified, are better treated by the INTENSE PULSED LIGHT.  

Stains on the hands 

        The senile stains of the hands get better with the INTENSE PULSED LIGHT treatment. Also an enhancement in the quality of the skin is observed.  


        Rosacea is a condition that creates a redness in the face and some  vases that are identifiable and other small ones that only give a red diffuse coloration to the face because they are  very small. The INTENSE PULSED LIGHT can successfully treat this consequence, although it cannot act on the cause of the problem, which chronic and it should be treated accordingly.   

The episodes of Flush, although they get better, don't totally disappear. Nd: Yag is used for the most visible vases and the INTENSE PULSED LIGHT for the most diffuse redness, where the vases can't be well identified.  


        They are pigmented stains and they can get better with the INTENSE PULSED LIGHT 


        The   Civatte' s poikiloderma  is a combination of atrophy of the skin, vases and hyper pigmentation. It is a process that is linked to the solar exposure and a sign of aging of the skin. It is located in exposed areas, as the neck and the chest. The INTENSE PULSED LIGHT acts on all of the consequences of the poikiloderma, resulting in a very interesting improvement of the problem.  


        It is a pigmented lesion and the lightest cases can be enhanced with the application of the INTENSE PULSED LIGHT, although for this condition,  other treatments are preferred.  


Can I undergo the treatment after being exposed to the sun or  when I am tanned?

        No, because the tan darkens the skin, and the LASER can confuse the dark skin with pigmentations. The patient has to avoid sun exposure 30 days before  and 15 days after the procedure.  

  Does my skin change a lot after the treatment?

        No, because the technology allows the patient to return to his activities immediately after the treatment..   

  Can patients with brunet or black skin use this treatment?  

        Patients with dark brunet or black skin cannot use the treatment with INTENSE PULSED LIGHT. However,  the patients with light brunet skin  can perform the treatment. An appointment with the doctor will determine the best indication.   

Why  are several sessions  necessary?    

        Dividing the treatment in several sessions results in a gradual enhancement of the skin, while the patient does not need to interrupt his normal activities. Smaller amounts of energy are applied in each treatment reducing risks and allowing that the procedure to be carried out without anesthesia. The results in each session of the treatment will give the final result.    


Naturale Clinic's equipment

Naturale Clinic uses the equipment created by Cutera,  Lumenis and Biolitec , companies  that produces light energy equipment. They are respected companies  and its products are used by for medical purposes worldwide. The several kinds of equipment available include LASER ND YAG, LASER Diodo, INFRARED  an INTENSE PULSED LIGHT.  They allow most of the treatments with the light energy technology.


The CUTERA XEO  is a versatile equipment capable to treat undesirable several skin types and also vases of the body and of the face, even in brunet skins that are characteristic of the Brazilians, what would be a great problem for other equipment. 

TITAN® - Infrared Light 1100-1800nm: Titan is the first tailored infrared light source for sustained deep dermal heating with the most frequent use on the face, submental area, neck and abdomen.

Laser Genesis™ - 1064nm Nd:YAG Laser: Laser Genesis is a non-ablative photorejuvenation procedure that provides multiple benefits .  Laser Genesis addresses common skin conditions due to the aging process and the result is a healthier, younger-looking complexion. Clinical effects such as reduced wrinkles, diminished pore size, reduction in erythema and improved skin texture are all possible with this   technology.

LimeLight™: Programmable Wavelength skin rejuvenation for the treatment of diffuse redness and facial telangiectasia.


Light Sheer - LASER of Diode for Depilation 

Vari-lase  - Vascular Solutions

EVLT - LASER of Diode for the surgery of varicose veins 

The CUTERA XEO  is a versatile equipment capable to treat undesirable several skin types and also vases of the body and of the face, even in brunet skins that are characteristic of the Brazilians, what would be a great problem for other equipment. 

Due to unique characteristics and excellent cost/benefit, this equipment became the favorite of Naturale Clinic. 

Utilisation in Naturale Clinic




improved skin tone and tightness

Skin Laxity
1100- 1800nm

LimeLight ®

Intensed Pulsed Light


Red and brown dyschromia, telangiectasia and  rosacea .

520 a 1100 nm

Genesis ® Nd: YAG

Long Pulse


Reduced wrinkles, diminished pore size, reduction in erythema and improved skin texture, spider veins.

1064 nm

LightSheer ®


Depilation with LASER 800 nm

ProWave 770 ®

Intensed Pulsed Light


Depilation With Intensed Pulsed Light 770 - 1100 nm


Laser Endovenoso

Cirurgias de Varizes de Médio e Grosso Calibre
810 nm



LimeLight ®

TITAN XL ® Genesis® Nd: YAG Long Pulse































The treatments with LASER and INTENSE PULSED LIGHT are medical procedures 

Naturale Clinic offers the most versatile and efficient equipment for the treatment of the undesired pilosity. But the person who operates the equipment is also important. All of the treatments with LASERs or INTENSE PULSED LIGHT at Naturale Clinic are performed or supervised directly by doctors, Members of the Brazilian Society of LASER in Medicine and Surgery. 

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