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Informations about varicose and spider veins for patients and health professionals
Informações sobre varizes para pacientes e profissionais de saúde
Information à propos des varices et des télangiectasies pour patients et profissionnelles de la santé
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Questions and answers about varicose veins    

Do internal varicose veins exist? 

They don't exist. The internal or deep veins are protected by the musculature that impedes their dilation. What really exists are other serious diseases that  affect the internal veins, but not the varicose veins. Even though the superficial veins are inside the fat tissue, that  doesn't protect them and that's  where the varicose veins appear. 

Can the varicose veins, the microvarices and the telangiectasies happen altogether? 

Yes. They are signs of the same disease. In short: it is the increased pressure inside  the veins, caused by alterations in the valves, resulting in an inverted blood flow, causing  the dilation of the superficial veins. This happens due to  a hereditary tendency and it is worsened by several factors. The veins are present in the lower extremities since the  birth, but they don't get attention. When the dilation happens as a result of  the disease, they become  visible and unaesthetic.

Do varicose veins appear again after some time?

No. Other varicose veins may appear and they  should be treated. A person who has the vesicle or the appendix operated will never  have problems in these places again because there is only one appendix and only one vesicle. The veins, on the other hand, will always exist. It is not possible to remove all of them. A vein that was normal in the moment of a treatment can become  sick later, because  the hereditary tendency will exist during all the lifetime. This fact doesn't invalidate the treatments, because if the varicose veins are  not treated, they can lead to  serious complications in the future. For this reason,  the Continuous Treatment of Varicose veins was designed to control the aesthetic problem and the disease as they appear.

Can the superficial veins be removed without causing problems? 

Yes. The veins that really matter are the deep veins, they are the responsible for the venous circulation. The superficial veins can be treated or removed without any consequence for the body.

Is there a  "cure"  for the varicose veins of the lower extremities? 

The varicose veins of the lower extremities are a chronic disease that depends on  a hereditary tendency and on aggravating factors. Since it's linked to the hereditariness, we cannot speak about "curing" the varicose veins, because the tendency will always be present and new varicose veins may  appear during the life of the individual. However, this disease may be controlled and the people can live their life without the health and aesthetic problem of varicose veins. We can say that, nowadays, only the people who want to have varicose veins will have them. The medicine has modern and simple  techniques that  control the problem with great functional results.

Naturale Clinic's equipment

Naturale Clinic uses the equipment created by Cutera,  Lumenis and Biolitec , companies  that produces light energy equipment. They are respected companies  and its products are used by for medical purposes worldwide. The several kinds of equipment available include LASER ND YAG, LASER Diodo, INFRARED  an INTENSE PULSED LIGHT.  They allow most of the treatments with the light energy technology.


The CUTERA XEO  is a versatile equipment capable to treat undesirable several skin types and also vases of the body and of the face, even in brunet skins that are characteristic of the Brazilians, what would be a great problem for other equipment. 

TITAN® - Infrared Light 1100-1800nm: Titan is the first tailored infrared light source for sustained deep dermal heating with the most frequent use on the face, submental area, neck and abdomen.

Laser Genesis™ - 1064nm Nd:YAG Laser: Laser Genesis is a non-ablative photorejuvenation procedure that provides multiple benefits .  Laser Genesis addresses common skin conditions due to the aging process and the result is a healthier, younger-looking complexion. Clinical effects such as reduced wrinkles, diminished pore size, reduction in erythema and improved skin texture are all possible with this   technology.

LimeLight™: Programmable Wavelength skin rejuvenation for the treatment of diffuse redness and facial telangiectasia.


Light Sheer - LASER of Diode for Depilation 


EVLT - LASER of Diode for the surgery of varicose veins 

The CUTERA XEO  is a versatile equipment capable to treat undesirable several skin types and also vases of the body and of the face, even in brunet skins that are characteristic of the Brazilians, what would be a great problem for other equipment. 

Due to unique characteristics and excellent cost/benefit, this equipment became the favorite of Naturale Clinic. 

The treatments with LASER and INTENSE PULSED LIGHT are medical procedures 

Naturale Clinic offers the most versatile and efficient equipment for the treatment of the undesired pilosity. But the person who operates the equipment is also important. All of the treatments with LASERs or INTENSE PULSED LIGHT at Naturale Clinic are performed or supervised directly by doctors, Members of the Brazilian Society of LASER in Medicine and Surgery. 

Utilisation in Naturale Clinic




improved skin tone and tightness

Skin Laxity
1100- 1800nm

LimeLight ®

Intensed Pulsed Light


Red and brown dyschromia, telangiectasia and  rosacea .

520 a 1100 nm

Genesis ® Nd: YAG

Long Pulse


Reduced wrinkles, diminished pore size, reduction in erythema and improved skin texture, spider veins.

1064 nm

LightSheer ®


Depilation with LASER 800 nm

ProWave 770 ®

Intensed Pulsed Light


Depilation With Intensed Pulsed Light 770 - 1100 nm


Varicose Veins Surgery

Varicose Veins Surgery 980nm


LimeLight ®

TITAN XL ® Genesis® Nd: YAG Long Pulse



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