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Informations about varicose and spider veins for patients and health professionals
Informações sobre varizes para pacientes e profissionais de saúde
Information à propos des varices et des télangiectasies pour patients et profissionnelles de la santé
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 Low Cost

The sclerotherapy is a treatment designed to the elimination of the telangiectasies(spider veins). A very concentrated liquid, called sclerosant,  is injected through micro needles that are extremely thin, inside  the vases. This liquid causes an alteration in the cell of the vase making it disappear. When the liquid continues in the circulation and  reaches the larger vases, it is diluted by the blood and it loses the concentration and, therefore, the effect.

This treatment is indicated only for the spiders veins , because if the liquid be applied in larger vases, it can cause stains and serious complications. There is a wide range of substances that can be used and one of the most used is the glucose, due to  the patient's great tolerability and because it does not cause any allergy.

To avoid complications, it is not convenient to apply great volumes of sclerosant at a time. That's why the treatment should be made by sessions. In each session,  a certain sclerosant volume that is well accepted by the patient is injected.

The  treatments that promise to correct everything in only one day are not suitable, because they increase the risk of complications. The sclerotherapy should not be used in vases of larger caliber.

Sclerotherapy, when correctly used in the small vases only,  is very efficient and  doesn't cause any problems. It doesn't cause much pain. It should always be done by specialist doctors, avoiding complications of the treatment that may happen when the treatment is applied by not trained personnel.

More recently, we began to use a new method in our clinic, Cryosclerotherapy , that was shown advantageous. Cryosclerotherapy showed in researches that it presents faster results, with less pain, with similar costs and with less complications than the sclerotherapy .




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