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Informations about varicose and spider veins for patients and health professionals
Informações sobre varizes para pacientes e profissionais de saúde
Information à propos des varices et des télangiectasies pour patients et profissionnelles de la santé
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Endovascular Laser Treatment  - EVLT


Type 2, Type 3 e Type 4

Place for the procedure

Day Hospital

Hospitalization after the procedure

Not necessary  

Rest after the procedure

4 to7  Days

Time for the procedure

1  to 5,5  hours 

Return to domestic activities

4 to 7 Days

Return to Professionals Activities

4 a 7 Days

Return to Sport  Activities

7 a 20  Days


Sun  for 30 Days

This technique has recently arrived from Europe. It is indicated for the varicose veins of larger caliber and its  main advantage is the short resting time after the procedure. Instead of removing the veins of great caliber as the saphenous vein, they are disabled and treated by an optic micro fiber, that transmits the LASER. The vein is not removed but it is disabled and separated from the circulation system. The great advantage is the postoperative that it is much more simple. The surgery produces also less bruises and the patient can return to the normal activities within some days. As all treatments, it cannot be used in all of the cases. We have  used this new technique as a routine. Its results have been excellent and the doctors at the Clinic Naturale are very satisfied. Clinic Naturale's doctors have actively  participated in researches related to EVLT in Brazil

The equipment utilised is a LASER of Diode, that emits a light bunch in the range of the infrared. The  potency used varies from 4 to 15 Watts. An  interesting fact is that a lamp of 15 watts can hardly illuminate a room  for someone to read a magazine, but a LASER of 15 Watts is able  to perforate the magazine. This luminous energy is well known, and used in the medicine in several fields, such as in the Surgery of varicose veins.  The equipment imported from Europe is especially developed for this purpose and it is already approved by the USA' s FDA of the and by the England' s NICE the most rigorous  quality control of medical equipment in the world. Itis also registered by Brazil' s ANVISA .

Tratamento de varizes com Laser Vari-lase® Diode LASER

The EVLT - Endovenous Laser Treatment is the most modern method of treatment of the varicose veins with median or larger caliber.The advantage is the postoperative period that it is much more simple. The surgery produces less bruises and the patient can return to the normal activities within some days. Recent researches with the collaboration of Naturale Clinic''s staffconfirmed the advantages of this technique that has been well accepted all over the world.
His use is more advantageous in the varicose veins of median and larger caliber, when instead of removing the vein, she is treated and eliminated at his own place through an optic fiber that transmits the LASER.
    A Diode LASER is utilised . Especially developed for this purpose. The fibers that transmit the laser inside of the vase possess sizes to act in each caliber of the sick or anaesthetics veins.

The Diode LASER equipment emits a very strong and concentrated light, that has special characteristics that can be used at the veins and obtain the results. This light is transmitted by an optic microfibra, that is introduced inside the that will be submitted to treatment. The saphenous vein can be treated and also the non tortuous collateral.

The laser can act on the greater saphenous vein , that was turned off the body at the groin. The optic microfibra provokes a cauterization of the vein that is left in the place. The advantage is that the vein doesn't need to be extirpated, as in the conventional treatment, with a better recovery time after the procedure .

The veins are treated with the LASER and remain in the local but excluded of circulation. With the time, the vein will be absorbed by the body. So the patient can return soon to regular activities.  But the old method has some advantages, that should be maintained. It is better to remove the tortuous collateral veins and the ligature of the saphenous vein crossa( the ending of the vein at femoral deep vein ) remain the same and is recomended by us .

The ligature of saphenous vein and their branches is a safe process, that removes all the communication between the sick superficial system and the deep venous system , that it is efficient, and that will maintain the circulation.

However, we should remind that EVLT is not useful for all cases, and that the conventional treatment is also efficient. A correct evaluation by the surgeon is needed to determine if there are real advantages with the application of this new method. We associated both techniques, EVLT and Conventional Surgery using each resource where it is better, and obtaining advantages of both methods.


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