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Spider and Varicose Veins Info
logo spider and varicose veins Naturale Clinic I - São Paulo
Av. Moema , 87 cj 51-52
Moema – São Paulo
Parking : Al. dos Jurupis 452
phone: 55 11 50511075
Naturale Clinic II -Limeira
Avenida Antonio Ometto, 525
Limeira – São Paulo
Phone 55 19 34538490
clinical director
Informations about varicose and spider veins for patients and health professionals
Informações sobre varizes para pacientes e profissionais de saúde
Information à propos des varices et des télangiectasies pour patients et profissionnelles de la santé
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Naturale Clinic utilize importants General Hospitals of São Paulo. For more simple procedures utilize a Modern Day Hospital


General Hospitals


Albert Einstein General Hospital

One of the world' s main references for health and wellbeing

São Luiz General Hospital

Three general hospitals in São Paulo, a reference in surgery and health treatments

Itaim , Cidade Jardim e Anália Franco .




Day Hospital


Uno Day Hospital  - São Paulo

This medical center follows Day Hospital's modern conception, where in a homelike and  personalized atmosphere,  surgeries that don't demand hospitalization after the procedures are performed. In addition,  safety rules are maximized in the center, with all of the most modern equipment available  for the  surgeries. The patients who use this Day-Hospital  are  the ones who are submitted to minimally invasive procedures, thus being discharged on the same day, or the lattest, on the  following day. Besides the conventional surgery techniques, we can offer the most modern Laser equipment available for surgical and aesthetic procedures.


The appointments can be scheduled by telephone directly in the Naturale Clinic units.  Additional information can be given by telephone  or e-mail.  

Unit I : 55 11 50511075

Unit II : 55 19 34538490

email : .

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